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Japan artificial intelligence plant plant or increase the yield of 10% and reduce labor time

According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Japan's Ehime University is working with farms across Japan to develop a system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to increase the productivity of tomatoes. The system targets the indoor plant farms with the goal of increasing the yield by 10% and reducing the labor time by 10%. The system is expected to be put on the market in large scale after 3-5 years.
A plant factory (data diagram)
Applying artificial intelligence to agriculture freed itself from the traditional ways of relying on farming experience and feeling to ultimately raise the level of income for agriculture. The project is a research project conducted under the leadership of Associate Professor Takayama Takayama, Ehime University, and a project sponsored by Japan's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
This year, the research team collaborated with the plant factories of two agricultural companies in Fukui Prefecture to collect data for testing. In order to develop an intelligent system that can be adapted to different climatic conditions and geographical locations, the scope of the project will be expanded from the spring of next year to other eight regions in Japan and eventually a "national version" system will be developed for any region.
Artificial intelligence plant factory operating mechanism diagram
After the system is put into operation, PLANTDATA, a venture capital firm invested by Ehime University, will provide technical support to the new system of agricultural farms to find the best farm practices for the farm. Including machine rental, cultivation and labor management APP, including the system price, about 2 million yen (equivalent to about 117,000 yuan) per hectare per year.

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