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Plant lighting is very hot, but do you really understand?

A few minutes before landing in Guangzhou by plane, after passing over Foshan, look down when it is dark and you will see "dots" of dots. The initial is still puzzled: that is why? Only then did I know that it is the farmer who provided additional lighting to the flower garden.
Figure: plant lighting is not easy? Hanging a light bulb like it! Scientists and designers cry dizzy in the toilet ...
In fact, really not so simple. This issue made a special bright Foshan Institute of solid light source Xu Dong teacher for us to plant one by one resolution process and plant lights, both in the end what is the relationship?
Plant light is based on the design of planting techniques, such as lettuce on the amount of radiation is too large, can lead to physical disorders of calcium deficiency, light inhibition may occur, a reasonable set of solar energy is very important.
Planting techniques include: the amount of daily and photosynthetic plant radiation, the total number of plant species and provenances, and whether or not LDP or SDP, planting method and substrate, planting environment and control.
For planting plant closely related to the spectral shape of the lamp and the amount of radiation first determined by planting varieties of planting process, good bright solid light source Institute of Design specifications, we are using plantation expert system, the system of plant cultivation PPFD determines the PPFD and the photoperiod, the PPFD determines the PPF, the PPF determines the plant lamp design and process, the PPFD determines the luminaire installation height and quantity, and the PPDF also determines the ventilation and carbon dioxide supplements. These parameters can be calculated by radiation The total can be deduced from planting costs.
Figure: plant lights planted lettuce
Here we can see that the spectral shape and amount of radiation (light quality) first need to determine what kind of environment in what way to plant what kind of species can be properly designed LED plant light spectrum, plant cultivation process is closely linked with the agricultural planting and industrial control Internal factors, therefore, the design of the plant light spectrum can only be derived from the planting process requirements.
Mixed greenhouse fill light
For greenhouses and hybrid plant factories that use a combination of sunlight and fill light, the accurate method is to do spectral analysis of natural light radiation field to determine the amount of fill light, and to test the illuminance value for a site without spectrum analysis , The average value of the illumination divided by 55, you can come to the surface PPFD solar planting value, using this value to determine the amount of plant light fill, this simple method is very useful for project planning and costing, hybrid Of greenhouse light can be reduced or not with the green band, the need to supplement the need for green light by testing the sun's direct and scattered light to determine the amount of green radiation.
Figure: Calculation formula
Figure: the use of sunlight and fill light combination of greenhouse cultivation and mixed plants plant
Spectra under a completely artificial environment
Planting in a completely artificial environment, although the effects of red and blue bands have a significant effect on the cultivation of leafy vegetables, the texture of hydroponic vegetables is still the key to improving the quality of vegetables. We recommend using the spectrum of white light plus red light, completely Artificial environment spectral design, the need to take into account the concentration of carbon dioxide, ventilation, ambient temperature, substrate or nutrient solution control, shelf structure design and many other factors, many three-dimensional planting Shelves in order to increase the number of planting, as far as possible to reduce the nutrient tank This method will reduce the balance of nutrient solution and affect the absorption efficiency of the spectrum. The important goal of spectrum design in a completely artificial environment is the quality control of planting, but the cultivation of the plant growth process is not market competitive.
Figure: a plant full of artificial light plants
About the whole spectrum
Some LED plant lights are nominally full-spectrum, and may want to state that their spectral components are rich. Here's a key concept, which is how the whole spectrum of "full" is defined, who is defined, and the wavelength range to the end Wide can call it "all"?
Although the spectrum of sunlight is the most complete, when studying photosynthesis in sunlight, PAR values ​​are described only in the 400 nm-700 nm range. Many nominal full-spectrum LED plant lights have UV and IR partial bands, However, PPFD is still used to express parameters. Since PPFD does not describe the amount of UV and IR radiation, the description of the parameters of this full-spectrum plant lamp shows a low-level error.
In our opinion, the wavelength range of plant light is only the domain of the spectral absorption efficiency function, not the range of the absorption efficiency function. The absorption efficiency of the spectrum is an indicator of the photosynthesis effect. The spectrum of the wide-band range or multi- Full spectrum, can not represent the effectiveness and compatibility of plant light, the full spectrum of plant light is not rigorous, often misleading the application of growers;
The range of spectral wavelength domain definitions is still related to the planting process, which is the domain of the planting process that determines the spectral design, not the planting under the spectrum. Plant lights and plant factories are cross-border products. Some of the phenomena are that the industrialists are busy Research planting, agricultural people are busy studying the spectrum, the extension of knowledge is only for communication and understanding, spectral design of professional cooperation and professional division of labor more contribute to rapid industrial upgrading.
Figure: Sunlight spectrum
Figure: Plant pigment absorption spectrum
The Complexity of Plant Light Spectrum Studies
For the LED light source, the same PPFD value may have different spectral forms; the same PPFD and the second-order optical design need different ppf values ​​of the light source; the same ppf value, the different efficiency of the lamp, and the same PPFD value; The shape of the spectrum did not do right, planting efficiency is also different ......
Even if the above conditions are the same, the provenance of the plant is different, the growth environment is different from the substrate, and the planting effect is also different.
In addition, the same LED plant lamp is also affected by environmental factors such as carbon dioxide concentration, ventilation, temperature control planting effect, plant efficiency and quality in line with the planting process requirements, plant lights most need manufacturing process to ensure that energy consumption indicators to a minimum, This is very important. The complexity of spectroscopic studies shows the diversity of present plant lamps. Since there is no assessment standard at present, the plant lamps on the market are flourishing and have a name for themselves.
The best way to enhance the industry - through cooperation with professional and technical
Plant light involves a wide range of technologies, are cross-border products, no matter how abundant capital, from the development cost considerations, it is difficult to set multi-disciplinary talent as one, companies need to proceed from their own conditions, technology and cost issues, more important Is to solve the problem of product after-sales technical support, for cross-border products, mature experience is to take the road to cooperation and development; agricultural research on planting technology, this is the plant lamp and plant success or failure of key industrial workers to meet the planting process requirements Equipment, which affects the cost of planting and economic benefits, professional cooperation can promote the rapid development of a new type of agricultural plantation under controlled artificial environment; there is an opportunity for the correct thinking.
Figure: Calculation of light radiation distribution diagram
Plant light and lighting is different, the application of lighting products is the end customer, you can use the concept and forward-looking marketing, and plant light is just a tool for agricultural planting, whether the effect is not propaganda can be described, the need to test the actual application, The application of plant lights can achieve the desired effect, not only the problem of plant lights itself, but also related to many other technical factors, the need to provide a reasonable technical solutions, plant lights marketing is technical support as the main means of product marketing, successful Cases are often reflected in the successful technical services, in the absence of technical standards now, the provision of technical solutions is essential, companies need to seriously face.


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