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2016-02-29 Wisdom Expressway LED street light system
2016-01-27 LED lighting power supply design of the core challenges
2016-01-11 Thailand's lighting market
2016-01-11 Purdue University published findings LED lighting cultivating tomatoes
2016-01-11 The Indian government plus yards LED bulbs, switching to a comprehensive 2018
2015-12-02 Based on the observation of LED lighting technology trends
2015-12-02 US Federal Trade Commission to expand the coverage of lighting Related tags
2015-11-26 US Open 7000 Binghamton LED street light replace
2015-11-26 DLC on November 21 officially released V3.1 specification Interpretation
2015-11-09 10 Applications of UV LED
2015-11-09 Facilities and form a closed plant factories contrast selection
2015-11-09 Detailed design of UV-LED structure
2015-11-09 Decryption civilian aircraft power solid-state light source lighting technology
2015-11-05 Talk about LED lighting business new action
2015-11-05 More brighter lighting may improve memory loss
2015-11-02 LED shipments next year at least 30% annual growth
2015-10-16 LED light inhibits plant diseases?
2015-10-16 The advent of intelligent LED lighting family incubator
2015-10-16 Halifax, Canada facelift over 40,000 intelligent LED street light
2015-10-16 2025 countries will total 350 million LED street light replace the lamp
2015-10-12 Taiwan accelerate facelift LED street light
2015-09-23 Russia LED Light Fair
2015-09-04 All the street lights the next two years, India will be replaced with LED lights
2015-08-28 US scientists have successfully developed LED phosphors contain rare earths
2015-08-28 The advent of the new quantum dot manufacturing technology will bring a new era of LED lighting?
2015-08-21 French supermarket push "intelligent lighting systems"
2015-08-21 Amman, Jordan plans to install 25,000 solar LED street light
2015-08-21 New Zealand Masterton City plans to use LED city road roundabout sculpture
2015-07-31 Downtown Detroit underground passage in creative LED lighting design
2015-07-31 Special Olympics Los Angeles airport to greet the upgrade of 288 LED lights
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